The Best Ways to Generate Leads with Facebook

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Facebook isn’t just a marketing tool that you can use to interact and engage with prospects, fans, and customers, but it can also be an extremely valuable tool for generating leads. If you aren’t already taking advantage of Facebook’s potential to generate more leads, here are five ways that you can start utilizing the site to benefit your business.

Share Links to Your Content

The simplest way to give your Facebook fans the opportunity to convert to leads is by using the same content that you’re using to generate leads on your company site and share links to the content on your Facebook page. This works exceptionally well if that link directs people to your landing page with a lead generation form that provides downloadable content.

Include Call-to-Action Buttons and Text

Even though Facebook no longer allows users to add call-to-action buttons to their main profile page, you can still add custom CTA tabs within it by using iFrames. You can point these to your landing pages for free downloadable content and other offers and start generating more leads.

Expand Your Reach

Reach is an integral part of any social media lead generation strategy. HubSpot conducted a recent study that found that the number of fans a company has on Facebook has a direct correlation with the number of leads generated. This means that every new fan or like your company page gets increases your chances that your content will be spread to more and more people. Make sure it’s easy for people to become fans of your Facebook page by adding “follow me” buttons and links on your company website.

Add the Facebook ‘Like’ Plugin and Share Buttons to All Your Content

Along with sharing links to your content on your Facebook page, make it easy for anyone who’s reading your content to like your Facebook page and share the content with their own Facebook network. Add the Facebook ‘Like’ plugin and ‘Share on Facebook’ button to every piece of content that you publish to get that extra boost of reach.

Make it Difficult Not to Convert

One problem with generating leads with Facebook is that your prospects have to leave Facebook to complete a form on your website. You can remedy this situation by finding apps that will automatically convert new Likes of your Facebook page into new leads by providing them with a conversion form for an offer directly after they click “Like.”

Facebook has proven itself to be a potent marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Use these simple Facebook strategies to generate more leads for your business to convert more customers.

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