Tips To Create High-Converting Funnel Pages

FEATURED Funnels and Email Lists

Your funnel pages must be effective in order to create the profits you expect from your products. If your funnel pages are not converting your prospects into buyers or your buyers into repeat buyers (i.e. OTO buyers), you will not make nearly as much profit as you could. Thus, there are tips provided below to help you create higher-converting funnel pages so you can gain more profits from the products and sales funnels you create.

Be sure to use headlines and sub-headlines in your sales letters. Most people don’t read sales letters word-for-word; they don’t have the time or the desire to go through every sales letter they encounter word-for-word. Thus, use headlines and sub-headlines to help point out the important points, features, and benefits your prospect will gain from ordering your product and OTOs.

Another key is to focus on the benefits your product will deliver to the customer. The customer doesn’t really care how the product will deliver the benefits to him/her; he/she just wants to know what is in it for him/her- how does his/her life get better by purchasing your product? While you can include features in your sales letter, be sure to highlight and focus on the benefits the person will get from ordering your product. Specifically, you should really focus on the benefits that will eliminate or alleviate the person’s problem or pain- this will make it more likely he/she will order your product.

On upsell and downsell pages, be sure to put text down under the order button when they are ready to pass on an upsell or downsell offer that reminds them of the benefits they will be passing up on by rejecting the upsell or downsell. Human psychology tells us that people do not like pain and they do not like missing out on things. Thus, by reminding people of what they will be missing out on by passing up your upsell or downsell offer, you will make it harder for them to hit the “no thanks” link, potentially leading some of them to hit the “order now” button instead.

Thus, you have learned that using headlines and sub-headlines in a sales letter will enable people to scan your sales letter and learn the important points without having to read it word-for-word. You also learned that you should focus on the benefits of your product that the person will get by ordering your product. Finally, you learned that by reminding people of what they will be missing out on when bypassing upsell or downsell offers, it will be more difficult for them to pass on it and may even convince some of them to order the upsell or downsell instead.

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